Legal Policy (General) Section

The Legal Policy (General) Section consists of two General Legal Policy Units and the China Law Unit. The General Legal Policy Units advise government bureaux and departments on compliance of existing and proposed legislation and policies with established principles underlying the legal system, and provide advice on legal issues arising out of various types of petitions and statutory appeals to the Chief Executive and other authorities, as well as on procedures and practice of the Legislative Council. They also assist in formulating and promoting policies and bills on subject matters for which the Secretary for Justice has carriage, particularly in relation to the legal system, legal and arbitration services and the legal profession. The China Law Unit provides advice on Mainland law as well as the implementation of national laws applicable to the HKSAR. It helps foster closer co-operation and exchanges amongst the HKSAR, the Macao SAR, Taiwan and the Mainland on the legal front, and operates programmes, including the Common Law Training Scheme, to facilitate Mainland officials’ better understanding of the legal system of the HKSAR and vice versa. The section also assists in promoting the HKSAR as an international legal and dispute resolution services centre in the Asia-Pacific region.