Policy Affairs

Apart from advising on the legality of policies established by the government, the sub-division also assists in formulating and promoting policy, particularly in relation to the legal system and the legal profession. The sub-division assists the legal profession in exploring the opportunities brought by the Hong Kong SAR’s participation in the global trade system under the World Trade Organization as well as regional trade agreements as well as other initiatives under the auspices of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.

Where the Secretary for Justice has responsibility for a particular piece of new legislation, counsel in the sub-division will take an active part in the preparation of the Bill and its presentation to the Executive and Legislative Councils. This will often involve extensive consultation with stakeholders in the matter, both inside and outside the government.

Apart from preparing and promoting new legislation, the work of the sub-division includes advising on:

The sub-division is also responsible for advising the government on the powers and procedures of the Legislative Council.