Published version of Hong Kong’s legislation

Consolidated legislation of Hong Kong is published in an electronic form available on the internet for free by accessing Hong Kong e-Legislation (HKeL) at Various formats in traditional Chinese characters, simplified Chinese characters and English are provided.

Under section 5 of the Legislation Publication Ordinance (Cap. 614), verified copies of legislation published on HKeL have legal status. We are progressively verifying legislation with a view to providing verified copies of all current legislation in HKeL within 2025. As of today, verified copy is available for the vast majority of current legislation published on HKeL.

For the legislation published on HKeL that is yet to be verified, users should refer to the loose-leaf edition of the Laws of Hong Kong and the printed Gazette for its official version.

For amendments that have already taken effect but have not yet been incorporated into HKeL, pencil-mark symbols added next to the headings of the relevant provisions alert users to this fact. Changes to the text of legislation in HKeL are generally made within three weeks of the commencement of the amendment or repeal.

In addition to providing access to the current legislation of Hong Kong, HKeL also facilitates the public to retrieve past versions of legislation from 30 June 1997.