Date Presentation for the 2nd Round Consultation Forums on Apology Legislation
21 Mar 2016 A more in-depth examination of the proposed options to deal with statements of fact in the proposed apology legislation and an update on the recent development of the Apologies (Scotland) Act 2016 (English Only) - Mrs. Wong Ng Kit Wah Cecilia
21 Mar 2016 Introduction of the draft Apology Bill (English Only) - Ms Jenny Fung
15 Mar 2016 深入探討處理就制定道歉法例中的事實陳述及蘇格蘭道歉條例2016的最新發展 (Chinese Only) - 黃吳潔華律師
15 Mar 2016 《道歉條例草案》簡介 (Chinese Only) - 馮美鳳女士
Date Presentation for the 1st Round Consultation Forums on Apology Legislation
22 Jul 2015 道歉法例諮詢論壇 (Chinese Only) - 梁慶豐教授
22 Jul 2015 擬制定的道歉法例:範圍及其對社會服務工作的影響 (Chinese Only) - 姚定國律師
22 Jul 2015 擬制定的道歉法例:如何促進解決醫生與病人間的糾紛 (Chinese Only) - 戴樂群醫生, JP
22 Jul 2015 律政司諮詢論壇-道歉法例 (Chinese Only) - 趙承平醫生
11 Jul 2015 PowerPoint for Public Consultation Forum (English Only) - Ms Lisa Wong, SC
11 Jul 2015 Proposed Apology Legislation-Scope & How it affects Insurance Policies (English Only) - Mr Iu Ting Kwok
11 Jul 2015 Proposed Apology Legislation-from the Medical Prespective (English Only) - Dr David Dai, JP

Note: The PowerPoint slides were used and prepared for the purpose of conducting the Apology Legislation Consultation Forums only. They may include information that is not found in the Consultation Paper and they represent the views of the speakers at the forums, not the Steering Committee on Mediation, on the issues concerned.