Background on Introduction of LLP for Law Firms in Hong Kong

Since 2004, the Law Society of Hong Kong has called for the introduction of LLP as an alternative mode to operate a law firm in Hong Kong. In late 2008, the Government informed the Legislative Council’s Panel on Administration of Justice and Legal Services (the Panel) that it proposed to introduce legislation to enable law firms in Hong Kong to operate in the form of an LLP. The proposal was discussed at the Panel at its meetings on 16 December 2008, 25 May 2009 and 15 December 2009. The Panel was of the general view that, in line with the global trend, LLP should be introduced as soon as possible but adequate measures for consumer protection should also be put in place. It was against this background that the Legal Practitioners (Amendment) Ordinance 2012 ("Ordinance") was enacted in July 2012. The Ordinance has come into operation on 1 March 2016, and you may refer to the Department of Justice’s press release of 11 December 2015 with regard to the commencement of the Ordinance at this link.

Salient Features of LLP

For a summary of the salient features of LLP, you may refer to this leaflet that contains a brief description of the following topics:

  1. What is an LLP?
  2. Key Difference between General Partnership and LLP
  3. Conditions to be met by an LLP for protection under the Ordinance
  4. Limitations on protection for LLP partners
  5. Other Obligations of an LLP
  6. How would I know whether a law firm is an LLP or not?
  7. Whether I should retain a general partnership or an LLP for legal services?

Note:  The information and materials provided on this webpage are for general information only. They do not constitute legal advice and are not intended to be comprehensive.  Please refer to the Ordinance for the detailed legislative provisions on LLP and, where necessary, seek independent legal advice on the subject.