No further action on film footage involving SDEV

A spokesman for the Department of Justice said today (January 25) that no further action is warranted regarding the film footage posted on a website in October 2012 involving the Secretary for Development, Mr Paul Chan.

The spokesman said that the film footage appeared to have been edited, but the Police could not obtain any further evidence or other assistance from the person(s) taking the film footage or any other relevant persons. Given the limited evidence available, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Mr Kevin Zervos, SC, after carefully considering the matter according to established legal principles and The Statement of Prosecution Policy and Practice, concluded that no further action is warranted.

In October 2012, film footage was posted on a website depicting in one instance Mr Chan drinking beer while using the restaurant facilities with his family at the Hong Kong Jockey Club, and in another instance Mr Chan's private motor vehicle being driven on a road which momentarily crossed continuous double white lines. Mr Chan took the initiative to report the matter to the Police. After completing investigation, the Police sought legal advice from the Department of Justice.

The Secretary for Justice, in order to avoid any possible perception of bias or improper influence, after satisfying himself that the DPP had no connection with any person involved in the case, delegated to DPP the authority to handle the case, including considering whether any prosecution action is warranted.


Ends/Friday, January 25, 2013