Five law students complimented for outstanding law reform essays (with photos)

The following is issued on behalf of the Law Reform Commission:

Five law students were complimented for their well-argued and thoroughly researched law reform essays at the Law Reform Essay Competition Certificate Award Ceremony today (June 30).

The essay competition was organised by the Law Reform Commission (LRC) for the first time to promote the importance of law reform among young law students. It also provides the students with an opportunity to propose how a given area of Hong Kong law may be reformed.

The topic for the competition was "Should pre-nuptial agreements be recognised and enforceable in Hong Kong? If so, how?". The five winners, coming from the law faculty of the University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the City University of Hong Kong, were awarded with a one-month attachment at leading law firms or the Department of Justice.

Officiating at the ceremony, the Solicitor General, Mr Frank Poon, said that the essay competition would, amongst others, assist in raising law students' awareness and interest in law reform, as well as offering them an opportunity to reflect on and suggest proposals on what the law "should be" on a given topic.

Mr Poon said, "Law reform plays an important role in any community which aspires to maintain the rule of law. We live in a fast changing world. Globalisation, advance of technology and other forces make our world change even faster than before. As our society evolves, our laws have to change so as to meet the needs of our society. Indeed, unless our laws are kept up-to-date, the risk of injustice and unfairness may emerge."

Mr Poon also thanked the sponsoring law firms for their valuable support in offering an internship as a prize to the finalists.

The five winning essays are available on the LRC's website:

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The Solicitor General, Mr Frank Poon, speaks at the 1st Law Reform Essay Competition Certificate Award Ceremony today (June 30).
The Honourable Chief Justice, Mr Geoffrey Ma Tao-li (third right), and Mr Poon (third left) with the finalists of the 1st Law Reform Essay Competition.