Department of Justice responds to recent comments on judge

In response to the conduct of some members of the public which might constitute contempt of court, a spokesman for the Department of Justice (DoJ) gave the following response today (June 14):

The DoJ reminds the public to respect the rule of law and judicial independence, the latter being one of the most important facets of the rule of law. Whilst members of the public are entitled to, within the permissible legal boundaries, to express one's opinion rationally or engage in informed discussions about the court’s decision and related matters, this has to be done within the limit permitted by the law and with respect for judicial independence. Personal or scandalous attacks or insulting comments on judges or acts undermining judicial independence or in contempt of court are absolutely forbidden. It is to be remembered that an accused is entitled to lodge an appeal against sentence if he is dissatisfied with it.

In respect of the conduct of some members of the public against Madam Justice Anthea Pang which might constitute contempt of court, the DoJ has already referred the matter to the relevant law enforcement agency to follow up. Hence, it is inappropriate for the DoJ to make any further comment at this stage. The DoJ will work closely with the law enforcement agency, consider the case fairly and in accordance with the Prosecution Code, the applicable legal principles and relevant evidence.

The Judge's reasoning for the sentence of the case (HCCC 408/2016) is now available on the Judiciary's website ( (Chinese version only) for public reference.

Ends/Thursday, Jun 14, 2018