Outcome of Stage 2 application exercise for space in legal hub announced

     The Department of Justice (DoJ) announced today (May 8) the outcome of the Stage 2 application exercise for allocating space to law-related organisations (LROs) in the Legal Hub for the provision of legal and dispute resolution services.
     To enhance and promote Hong Kong's status as an international legal hub for legal, deal-making and dispute resolution services, the Government will provide certain space to LROs in the West Wing of the former Central Government Offices (CGO) and the former French Mission Building. Together with the DoJ offices in the Main Wing, the East Wing and part of West Wing of the former CGO, the whole area is intended to form a Legal Hub at the heart of Hong Kong.
     The Committee on Provision of Space in the Legal Hub considered a total of eight applications received under the Stage 2 application exercise. After assessing the applications based on the relative merits of the respective organisations, the Committee recommended that the application of the following six LROs should be supported.
1. eBRAM International Online Dispute Resolution Centre Limited
2. Global Chinese Speaking Lawyers' Association Limited
3. Hong Kong Academy of Law Limited
4. Hong Kong Maritime Arbitration Group
5. Hong Kong Society of Notaries
6. The Law Society of Hong Kong
     Taking together the 17 LROs recommended under Stage 1 and supplementary application exercises (information is available at www.doj.gov.hk/eng/public/pr/20170301_pr1.html and www.doj.gov.hk/eng/public/pr/20170609_pr1.html), a total of 23 LROs have been recommended by the Committee. These LROs, all of which have confirmed acceptance of the offer of space in the Legal Hub, cover a good mix of reputable local, regional and international organisations specialising in different legal or dispute resolution services or functions, thereby reflecting Hong Kong's status as a leading centre for international legal and dispute resolution services in the Asia-Pacific region. The space in the Legal Hub is handed over to the recommended LROs by phases, and they are expected to move in from the second quarter of 2020 onwards.

Ends/Friday, May 8, 2020