Statement by DoJ on instruction of fiat counsel

    In response to media enquiries, the Department of Justice (DoJ) issued the following statement today (January 20):

    The DoJ had instructed Mr David Perry, QC, to prosecute a trial involving offences of organising and knowingly taking part in an unauthorised assembly under the Public Order Ordinance. Mr Perry, QC, accepted the instruction and his ad hoc admission to the Hong Kong Bar was granted by the Chief Judge of the High Court on January 12, 2021.

    Since then, there have been growing pressure and criticism from the UK community directed at Mr Perry, QC, for his involvement in this case. Some of the ill-informed criticism conflated the matter with the National Security Law.

    Mr Perry, QC, expressed concerns about such pressures and the exemption of quarantine, and indicated that the trial should proceed without him.

    In light of the public interest involved and the imminent trial date, the DoJ has instructed another counsel to prosecute the trial as scheduled.

    As legal proceedings are still ongoing, it is inappropriate for anyone to comment on the case as it is a matter of sub judice. No one should embark upon baseless speculations. Any unfair and unfounded allegation made with a view to undermining and discrediting our independent criminal justice system will be vehemently refuted.

Ends/Wednesday, January 20, 2021