Intimidation against judges stringently followed up

  In response to threatening letters received by the Judiciary, the Department of Justice issued the following statement today (November 23):

  Intimidation against judges and judicial officers is despicable and heinous. Recently, the situation has become serious. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government strongly deplores such illegal acts which are blatant defiance of the law and undermine the rule of law. Law enforcement agencies will leave no stone unturned in bringing the culprit to justice.

  Article 85 of the Basic Law guarantees that the courts of the HKSAR shall exercise judicial power independently, free from any interference. In exercising their judicial power, judges must take into account the applicable law and evidence. Their judgments set out the full reasons for arriving at the decision. This is in accord with the basic principle that judges are to decide cases according to the law impartially and independently.

  Those who turn a blind eye to the reasons of the court's rulings, and act unlawfully with an attempt to exert undue influence on judges based merely on their own likings on the outcomes of cases not only reveal their ignorance, cowardice and disregard of the law, but will also be in futile.

  Criminal intimidation against judges and judicial officers is a serious offence. Members of the public should not break the law. Offenders have to bear legal consequences.

Ends/Tuesday, November 23, 2021