Department of Justice's response to media enquiries

  In response to media enquiries on matters related to a case under the National Security Law (NSL), a spokesman for the Department of Justice (DoJ) replied as follows:

  One of the most fundamental principles of the criminal justice system in Hong Kong is to ensure a fair trial and uphold due administration of justice.

  When considering whether to issue a certificate under Article 46 of the NSL for a case to be tried without a jury, the Secretary for Justice would take into account the relevant provisions of the NSL and the individual circumstances of each case. The purpose of the relevant provisions that stipulate the arrangement for a case to be tried by a panel of three judges is precisely to ensure a fair trial and the due administration of justice. The arrangement does not undermine any legitimate rights and interests of the defendants.

  The DoJ does not comment on individual cases that are subject to ongoing legal proceedings.

Ends/Wednesday, August 17, 2022