Application period for Legal Talent Recruitment Scheme (Trainee Solicitors) 2022 to be extended

  The Department of Justice (DoJ) announced today (October 6) that the deadline for application for the Legal Talent Recruitment Scheme (Trainee Solicitors) 2022, launched by the DoJ and the Law Society of Hong Kong (LawSoc) in April this year, will be extended to February 28, 2023, to allow more time for eligible law firms to prepare their applications.

  Funded by the Anti-epidemic Fund, the Scheme provides a monthly salary subsidy of $6,800 for a maximum of 12 months to each eligible law firm for one newly created job opening for a trainee solicitor, with up to 130 new job openings for trainee solicitors in total. The Scheme will create more job opportunities for the legal sector, and ensure a steady and sufficient supply of legal talent.

  The LawSoc is responsible for administering the Scheme, including processing and assessing the applications, as well as arranging disbursement of the subsidy. The application form and the guidance notes are available at the LawSoc's website.

Ends/Thursday, October 6, 2022