Department of Justice releases “Prosecutions Hong Kong 2022”

  The Prosecutions Division of the Department of Justice (DoJ) today (July 26) published online "Prosecutions Hong Kong 2022" (, which reviews the DoJ's prosecution work for the year 2022.

  The DoJ, by virtue of Article 63 of the Basic Law, controls criminal prosecutions, free from any interference. Independent prosecutorial decisions for each case are made in a rigorous and objective manner, strictly based on evidence and applicable laws and in accordance with the Prosecution Code. Prosecutions would be instituted by the DoJ only if there is sufficient admissible evidence to support a reasonable prospect of conviction, and if it is in the public interest to do so.

  In the Director's Overview, the Director of Public Prosecutions, Ms Maggie Yang, pointed out that prosecutors of the DoJ continued to uphold their role as "ministers of justice" in pursuance of fair and independent prosecution. When conducting prosecutions, prosecutors should present evidence objectively, exercise firm but courteous advocacy, and disclose material that may assist an accused actively.

  She also sets out the important achievements made in 2022, such as streamlining the Division's work process, arranging training for prosecutors in the Division to strive for even higher standards of professional excellence and organising outreach activities to promote public understanding of the criminal justice system.

Ends/Wednesday, July 26, 2023