First phase of Rule of Law Education Train-the-Leaders Programme successfully concludes (with photos)

     Themed "Rule of Law Education (ROLE) Stars", the first phase of the Rule of Law Education Train-the-Leaders (TTL) Programme organised by the Department of Justice (DoJ) successfully concluded today (December 2).

     The attendance of the two-day programme was more than 400 in total. The trainees were mainly from 20 organisations undertaking youth-related and community work, while the group leaders who assisted in guiding the discussions and the interactive sessions during the training were from those organisations, the legal sector, the DoJ and other related institutions. A number of trainees and group leaders found the programme rich in content and easy to understand, which enabled them to promote consistent and correct messages relating to the rule of law to youths and the general public.

     Under the leadership of the Secretary for Justice, Mr Paul Lam, SC, the first phase of the TTL Programme was launched last Saturday.

     On the second day of the TTL Programme conducted today, the Chairman of the Hong Kong Bar Association, Mr Victor Dawes, SC; the President of the Law Society of Hong Kong, Mr Chan Chak-ming; the founder and chief executive of True Star Publishing Limited, Mr Steven Ma; member of the Steering Committee on Rule of Law Education Ms Sharon Tam; and the Deputy Secretary for Justice, Mr Cheung Kwok-kwan, shared their professional views and practical experiences as the programme's speakers on important topics including the criminal and civil proceedings in Hong Kong, forms of alternative dispute resolution, legal profession, and the teaching method and communication skills in relation to disseminating messages relating to the rule of law. They also participated in the interactive sessions such as group discussions and question-and-answer exchange sessions.

     The closing ceremony and certificate presentation ceremony of the first-phase programme was held in the afternoon today. Mr Lam and member of the Steering Committee, Chairperson of the Working Group on Coordination and Liaison and Legislative Council Member, Ms Carmen Kan, officiated and delivered speeches at the ceremony.

     Speaking at the ceremony, Mr Lam said, "This programme can be called 'a training course for seafarers' to train participants to be the navigator of their own vessels, regardless of their type and size, and ensure they go towards the same direction and for the same goal."

     At the certificate presentation ceremony, member of the Steering Committee, Chairperson of the Working Group on Course Design and Teaching Materials and Non-Permanent Judge of the Court of Final Appeal, Mr Justice Patrick Chan, Ms Kan and Mr Cheung presented certificates to trainees who have completed the first phase of the TTL Programme and certificates of appreciation to group leaders.

     Mr Lam said that the DoJ will make reference to the experience from the first phase of the TTL Programme and take forward the second phase of the Programme within next year with the assistance of the Steering Committee and its two Working Groups. The second phase will include specific topics on the practice of civil and criminal procedures, and consideration will also be made for activities such as visits to law-related institutions. Meanwhile, the first phase of the TTL Programme will also be enhanced and held again, aiming to provide training for more trainees from different sectors of the community, so as to encourage and enable them to pass on the concept and knowledge of the rule of law.

     In addition, a dedicated website constructed by the DoJ relating to the promotion and training on the rule of law has been officially launched. It provides the public with a comprehensive platform consolidating information of the TTL Programme and published resources of other initiatives related to rule-of-law education. For more details on the TTL Programme and other related information, please visit the dedicated website at

Ends/Saturday, December 2, 2023