A chat with young people

Young people are our future hope. Rational opinions put forward by them deserve our attention. I am happy to hear their views because direct communication with young people not only allows me to understand their thinking but also helps us formulate policies. Yesterday, I met with a group of students from secondary three to six who participate in the Hong Kong Army Cadets Association and the Hong Kong Basic Law Ambassador Training Scheme. They not only have great academic results and exemplary conduct, but also gave objective and rational opinions.

In the beginning, I briefly introduced the relationship between the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China and the Basic Law. I also talked about the background of which the Central Authorities adopted the National Security Law before I invited them to express their views. I was pleased to know that they possess an accurate concept about the constitutional order and understand that the Basic Law solidly and clearly provides the legal guarantee for the implementation of “one country, two systems” in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

We then discussed the significance of the National Security Law. They agreed that stability has been restored and members of the public no longer live in terror since the enactment of the law. I also took the opportunity to clarify a number of misconceptions among the international community, hoping that the students can help disseminate accurate information about the National Security Law to their peers.

I encourage the students to take part in the programmes under the Vision 2030 for Rule of Law organized by the Department of Justice (DoJ). Among them, those with the theme “Empowerment” focus on the rule of law education for schools, with activities including “Rule of Law through Drama” and “Rule of Law Enlightenment”.

Through a wide range of activities organized by the DoJ, I wish we are able to nurture young people who have a strong sense of national identity and social responsibility, respect the rule of law and abide by the law, and that they will give full play to their strengths to serve Hong Kong and contribute to our country in the future. They are probably too young to join the governance right now, however, I sincerely invite them to call on their parents, relatives and friends to vote in the upcoming Legislative Council election on December 19 with a view to building a brighter future for Hong Kong and our younger generations.

December 12, 2021


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