Criticisms on Legislative Council election ungrounded

The Legislative Council (LegCo) General Election was held smoothly. However, there have been some biased and ungrounded criticisms on the election from the international community.

Verifying the eligibility of people to be nominated as a candidate in LegCo election is not something new. In the past, this exercise was conducted solely by a Returning Officer in accordance with the legal requirements and relevant procedures. Under the improved electoral system, the Candidate Eligibility Review Committee (CERC) was set up. This is chaired by the Chief Secretary for Administration and comprised of official members as well as eminent members of the public. Their task is to decide whether a person complies with the legal requirements and conditions for upholding the Basic Law and swearing allegiance to the HKSAR. The inclusion of independent and respectable individuals as non-official members enhanced the credibility of the CERC.

The composition of the LegCo has been increased from 70 to 90 members who are returned by geographical constituencies, functional constituencies and the Election Committee, demonstrating a broader representation with candidates from all walks of life. One should not adopt a blinkered approach and unfairly criticise the LegCo election by only focusing on one aspect of the whole process. It is indisputable that the election was carried out in a fair, just and honest manner.

As stated in my blog, there is no single model of democracy. Elections are not the only approach for a democratic system, compromise and consultation are also means to achieve democracy. It is of fundamental importance that an electoral system should comply with the constitutional order and suited to the historical, cultural and political background of the place.

December 21, 2021