Let’s join hands to uphold the rule of law in one heart

My fellow Hong Kong citizens, I take office as the Deputy Secretary for Justice with humility, supporting the work of the Secretary for Justice and serving Hong Kong.

As pointed out by the Secretary for Justice in his blog today, the rule of law has always been the bedrock of Hong Kong’s success. This core value is of utmost importance to the future of Hong Kong.

Under the leadership of the Secretary for Justice, I shall, together with the team of the Department of Justice, spare no efforts in upholding Hong Kong’s rule of law.

Since the return of Hong Kong to the motherland, the Basic Law protects the rights and freedoms of Hong Kong residents and protects the independent judiciary and final adjudication. Facts speak louder than words. Hong Kong has been ranked high as the world's No. 19 in the rule of law, followed by many countries in Europe and America.

Noting that some people in the society have doubts or even queries about the rule of law of Hong Kong, I shall dedicate myself to assist the Secretary for Justice in expressing our stance in a clear and concise manner to enable local and international communities to have better understanding of the real situation of the city, clearing up the confusion.

Let’s join hands together to uphold the rule of law. Let’s build a fair society governed by the rule of law, and a community based on mutual respect, tolerance and self-consciousness to abide by laws.

Deputy Secretary for Justice, Cheung Kwok-kwan

July 3, 2022