Date Subject
30 Mar 2023 DSJ’s Interview: Cheung: HK remains on track to enact Article 23 by end of 2024 (China Daily)
30 Mar 2023 DSJ’s Interview: SAR goes all-out to deepen legal ties within GBA (China Daily)
27 Mar 2023 DSJ’s Interview: Hong Kong still has its edge as legal hub, says deputy justice minister Horace Cheung after visit to Europe, Thailand (SCMP)
24 Feb 2023 DSJ’s Interview: StandUp | Non-jury trials common in Western jurisdictions (Orange News)
13 Feb 2023 DSJ’s Interview: Face To Face With Horace Cheung, SBS, JP, Deputy Secretary For Justice (Hong Kong Lawyer)
10 Feb 2023 DSJ’s Interview: Middle Eastern businessmen shrug off Western concerns over Hong Kong’s national security law, city’s deputy justice minister says (SCMP)
10 Feb 2023 DSJ’s Interview: HK legal sector can help Middle East 'connect to the world’ (China Daily)
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