Speech by the Hon Rimsky Yuen, SC
Secretary for Justice
at Hong Kong Live in Kuala Lumpur Opening Ceremony
on 7 November 2017 (Tuesday)

Mr Peter Lam [Chairman, Hong Kong Tourism Board], Mr Anthony Lau [Executive Director], distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

        Good evening. I am extremely delighted to join you in one of the finest cities in Asia, Kuala Lumpur, at this amazing event organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board.
  1. Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur are cities with a great deal in common. Both are multi-cultural cities famous for their dynamic city life and spectacular attractions. Both are must-visit destinations for the discerning world travellers.
  2. Given the similarities we share, it is just natural the economic and cultural ties between our two cities have been growing closer and closer. Today, there are more than 112 flights a week plying between Hong Kong and Malaysia, and thereby enabling more interaction in different contexts than at any time before.
  3. We welcome people from all around the world to visit Hong Kong, without doubt including our friends from Malaysia. Hong Kong, being a safe, clean and vibrant city located at the heart of Asia, is one of the best destinations for sightseeing and family trip.
  4. Our flagship theme parks, the Hong Kong Disneyland and the Ocean Park, are gems for both kids and adults. The Hong Kong Disneyland offers you a unique “Iron Man Experience” to ride with this superhero in some of Hong Kong’s busiest locations and iconic landmarks. You may also wish to visit the lovely pandas as well as enjoy the exciting rides in our Ocean Park within a 6-minute subway from the central business district. This world-class marine-themed park is also developing an allweather indoor and outdoor waterpark to provide new entertainment experiences to our visitors.
  5. As Asia’s premier international city, Hong Kong is well known for its diversified features which suit different visitors’ tastes and itineraries. Apart from the wide range of excitement one may experience in the urban area, I would also highly recommend that you explore our beautiful and easily accessible countryside which is within half an hour travel from down town. Our country parks, hiking trails and outlying islands always amaze visitors that Hong Kong is not only a shopping and dining paradise. As a matter of fact, our 100-kilometre MacLehose Trial has been named one of the dream trails in the world by National Geographic.
  6. Hong Kong’s event calendar is packed with exciting offerings throughout the years. As an event capital of Asia, we have developed different home-grown and signature events, including the Dragon Boat Carnival which attracted international teams to join every year, the Hong Kong Cyclothon successfully upgraded its race to international professional level this year and the famous Wine and Dine Festival has just earned another year of pride. In addition, the traditional cultural activities such as the Bun Scrambling Competition held annually in one of our outlying islands known as Cheung Chau and the Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance also held annually at the heart of the city are other examples of spectacular activities which cannot be found in other cities.
  7. Hong Kong, without doubt, is a city of fascinating contrast of old and new, East and West, tradition and innovation. I would strongly urge all of you to come to Hong Kong to get a first-hand taste of it.
  8. On this note, it remains for me to once again thank the Hong Kong Tourism Board for organising this wonderful event to show the beauties of Hong Kong to our Malaysian friends. It is my great pleasure to be in Kuala Lumpur and I look forward to repaying your hospitality by welcoming all of you to Hong Kong soon.
Thank you.