Write Laws for Good

Statute law is one of the important sources of our laws. The rule of law requires that laws are accessible and clear. Good legislation should be drafted in plain language to accurately reflect the legislative objectives.

Bilingualism is a notable feature and advantage of the Hong Kong legal system. Hong Kong is the only jurisdiction in the world that has a legal system operating in both Chinese and English languages, and is the only common law jurisdiction in China.

The Law Drafting Competition 2023 is organized by the Department of Justice of the Hong Kong SAR Government to encourage university students to devise a legislative proposal, learn basic skills of bilingual legislative drafting and get a taste of tackling the challenging but highly rewarding task of creating a Bill on their own.

Key Elements of Competition


Each participating team (comprising 1 or 2 university students) must choose one of the following two topics, and formulate a legislative proposal on the topic. The team is required to elaborate the legislative proposal in a Legislative Proposal Outline and draft a Proposed Bill for implementing the legislative proposal.

Details of the Competition (including a brief description of the topics, eligibility and prizes) can be found in the Pamphlet and Rules below:



Key Dates

Submission Deadline for Entry Form 31 January 2023
(To facilitate the arrangement of the workshop, please submit your Entry Form as early as possible)
Submission Deadline for Legislative Proposal Outline 31 January 2023
Law Drafting Workshop Early February 2023
Submission Deadline for Proposed Bill 31 March 2023

How to Enter?

Please send the completed Entry Form to lawdraftingcompetition@doj.gov.hk.

Entry Form

Please include a Cover Page when you submit the Legislative Proposal Outline.

Cover Page

For any enquiry, please contact us at lawdraftingcompetition@doj.gov.hk.