One of the Department’s key policy objectives is to position Hong Kong as the leading centre for international legal and dispute resolution services in the Asia-Pacific Region.

A number of work and projects have been undertaken to advance the above objectives. For instance, we have been pursuing to conclude cooperation or partnership arrangements with other jurisdictions and international organisations. Furthermore, we have been organising, supporting or encouraging a number of important international events and activities in Hong Kong. At the same time, we have been striving to raise the international profile of Hong Kong in deal-making and dispute resolution through capacity building and promotional activities overseas. We have also been actively participating in and organising other activities and events in the Mainland, Asia and Europe, often in collaboration with international organisations, the legal and dispute resolution profession and other stakeholders.

Furthermore, we also promote the development of LawTech, including the creation of an efficient, cost-effective and secure online platform for the resolution of disputes as well as an interface for cross-border deal-making between enterprises.

We will continue to strengthen our legal infrastructure as well as legal cooperation with the Mainland, while boosting cooperation with international organisations in capacity building work. We will also actively promote Hong Kong’s international legal and dispute resolution services overseas and in the Mainland, so as to consolidate Hong Kong’s position as a legal platform for deal making and dispute resolution (including mediation, arbitration, litigation and online dispute resolution).

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