To promote the development of legal bilingualism in Hong Kong, the department has published in electronic format the Combined DoJ Glossaries of Legal Terms, which contain a combined English-Chinese glossary and a combined Chinese-English glossary.

  Each of the combined glossaries consists of six glossaries prepared by the Civil Division, the Constitutional and Policy Affairs Division, the International Law Division, the Law Drafting Division, the Law Reform Commission Secretariat and the Prosecutions Division, with more than 60 000 entries which are legal terms commonly used in Hong Kong sourced from Hong Kong legislation, judicial authorities and other legal publications.

  For users' convenience, both combined glossaries are hosted on the same website and share the same search engine. The webpage will automatically switch between the Combined E-C Glossary and the Combined C-E Glossary depending on whether the user searches an English or Chinese keyword.

  It is hoped that the combined glossaries can facilitate legal translation work and also promote the broader use of Chinese in the legal field in Hong Kong.