When the Victim Withdraws Support

  1. If the victim decides to withdraw support for the prosecution, the prosecutor must decide whether or not to prosecute. If the information about the victim's decision has come from the accused, the police will be asked to make further inquiries. If the victim confirms that the information is true, the police will be asked to take a written statement from the victim explaining why support has been withdrawn, saying whether the original statement was true and indicating whether the victim has been put under any pressure to withdraw support and providing any other valuable information.
  2. The prosecutor should ask the police to give their views about the evidence in the case and how they think the victim might react to being required to attend court. If the victim confirms that the complaint is true but still wishes to withdraw, the prosecutor should consider whether it is possible to continue without the victim's evidence, and if so whether it is in the public interest to prosecute. The safety of the victim, children or any other potentially vulnerable person will be a prime consideration in deciding how to proceed.