Basic Law Index
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The Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is of unique importance to the community. It prescribes the systems to be practised within the HKSAR and sets out in detail the fundamental rights and duties of HKSAR residents, together with the political structure, the economic system, and the executive, legislative and judicial powers of the HKSAR. The Basic Law also details the relationship between the Central Authorities and the HKSAR. All other laws in the HKSAR must be compatible with the Basic Law.

The special status of the Basic Law means that it impacts on every aspect of Hong Kong, and it is therefore right that access to its provisions should be made as easy as possible for lawyer and layman alike. To achieve that end, my Department has produced this Index to the Basic Law which is designed to help users more readily identify relevant articles and content.

I hope that this Index will prove useful, and that it will help to promote wider understanding and knowledge of the Basic Law.

Elsie Leung
Former Secretary for Justice

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