Yearly Review of the Prosecutions Division 2011
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Table of Contents (716KB)
Letter to the Secretary for Justice (685KB)
Director's Overview (700KB)
Ian Charles McWalters, SC (657KB)

Sub-division I Advisory (840KB)

  • Section I(1) – Court of First Instance Advisory
  • Section I(2) – District Court Advisory
  • Section I(3) – Magistrates’ Courts Advisory
Sub-division II Advocacy (632KB)
Sub-division III Appeals (863KB)

Sub-division IV Commercial Crime (953KB)

  • Section IV(1) – Major Fraud and Technology Crime
  • Section IV(2) – Securities, Revenue and Fraud
  • Section IV(3) – ICAC (Public Sector)
  • Section IV(4) – ICAC (Private Sector)
  • Section IV(5) – Customs and Excise
Proceeds of Crime (554KB)

Feature Articles (805KB)

  • Misconduct in Public Office – Who is a Public Official?
    Dr Gerard McCoy, SC
  • The Importance of Continuing Education for Prosecutors
    Simon N.M. Young
Prosecuting in the Magistrates' Courts (672KB)
Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (616KB)
Management and Administration (660KB)
Prosecutors in Action (772KB)
Prosecutions Division Functions (489KB)
Facts and Figures of the Prosecutions Division (643KB)
Prosecutions Division Organization Chart (461KB)
Editorial Board (453KB)

Copies of the Yearly Review can be obtained from the Reception Counter of the Prosecutions Division on 5/F, High Block, Queensway Government Offices, 66 Queensway, Hong Kong.