Prosecutions in Hong Kong 2014
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Letter to the Secretary for Justice (491KB)
Table of Contents (2.35MB)
Director's Overview (2.26MB)
Judicial Appointment (3.77MB)

Structure and Duties

Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (5.79MB)

Sub-division I Advisory (6.54MB)

  • Section I(1) – Court of First Instance Advisory
  • Section I(2) – District Court Advisory
  • Section I(3) – Magistrates’ Courts Advisory (General Prosecutions)
  • Section I(4) – Magistrates’ Courts Advisory (Departmental Prosecutions)
  • Court Prosecutors
Sub-division II Advocacy (2.66MB)

Sub-division III Appeals (4.41MB)

  • Section III(1) – Magistracy Appeals
  • Section III(2) – Higher Court Appeals
  • Section III(3) – Human Rights

Sub-division IV Commercial Crime and Corruption (5.58MB)

  • Section IV(1) – Major Fraud
  • Section IV(2) – Securities, Revenue and Fraud
  • Section IV(3) – ICAC (Public Sector)
  • Section IV(4) – ICAC (Private Sector)
  • Section IV(5) – Customs and Excise
  • Section IV(6) – Cybercrime
Administration and Support (6.48MB)

Feature Articles (5.86MB)

  • Human Rights consideration in the operation and reform of the hearsay rule in criminal proceedings
  • To prosecute or not to prosecute - How do we decide sufficiency of evidence?
Outreach and Training (7.57MB)
Bonding (7.73MB)
Statistics (4.07MB)
Acknowledgements and Editorial Board (428KB)