Prosecutions Hong Kong 2017
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Letter to Secretary for Justice (359KB)
Contents (1.82MB)
Director's Overview (0.97MB)
Judicial Appointments (849KB)

Structure and Duties

Sub-division I Advisory (1.83MB)

  • Section I(1) – Court of First Instance Advisory
  • Section I(2) – District Court Advisory
  • Section I(3) – Magistrates' Courts Advisory
  • Section I(4) – Public Order Events & Cybercrime
  • Court Prosecutors

Sub-division II Policy and Administration (1.36MB)

  • Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
  • Proceeds of Crime
  • Departmental Prosecutions

Sub-division III Advocacy & Appeals (1.41MB)

  • Sub-division III – Advocacy
  • Section III (Appeals)(1) – Magistracy Appeals
  • Section III (Appeals)(2) – Higher Court Appeals
  • Section III (Appeals)(3) – Human Rights

Sub-division IV Commercial Crime (1.86MB)

  • Section IV(1) – Major Fraud
  • Section IV(2) – Securities, Revenue and Fraud
  • Section IV(3) – ICAC (Public Sector)
  • Section IV(4) – ICAC (Private Sector)
  • Section IV(5) – Customs & Excise
Administration and Support (1.17MB)

Feature Articles (1.07MB)

  • Anguish and Joy as DPP
  • Surviving Practice as A Criminal Lawyer
Outreach and Training (2.04MB)
Bonding (1.49MB)
Statistics (1.13MB)
Editorial Board (659KB)