Dispute Resolution

A Preamble : Hong Kong as a Leading Centre for Dispute Resolution in the Asia-Pacific region

Hong Kong is a leading centre for dispute resolution in Asia-Pacific. The city’s attributes for dispute settlement in the region include a strong legal system, abundance of professional expertise, advantageous geographical location, connectivity with the Mainland and support from the Government.

Strong Legal Infrastructure
  • Under the principle of "One Country, Two Systems" enshrined in the Basic Law, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region maintains its common law system which is familiar to the international community. It is the only common law jurisdiction within China.
  • The Judiciary is well known for its quality, independence and respect for the rule of law. The Hong Kong courts are friendly to the use of dispute resolution. The Judiciary has introduced the Civil Justice Reform since April 2009 to promote greater use of dispute resolution.
  • We have a strong legal profession, comprising almost 9 000 local lawyers and 1 300 foreign lawyers from 28 jurisdictions. Many renowned international law firms have set up branch offices in Hong Kong. Our legal practitioners are experienced in many areas of civil and commercial law, including finance, investment, international trade, maritime law, intellectual property and commercial contracts.
Abundance of Professional Expertise
  • As an international financial, trade and shipping centre, Hong Kong has a wealth of expertise in different areas such as commerce, finance, information technology, shipping and construction. These experienced professionals provide a full range of specialist service to clients in resolving their commercial or contractual disputes.
Advantageous Geographical Location
  • Hong Kong is strategically located at the heart of Asia, with all major economies in the Asia-Pacific region within four hours' flight time. Together with its world-class infrastructure and facilities, Hong Kong is an excellent choice of venue for international dispute resolution.
Gateway to Mainland China
  • Hong Kong's close proximity to the Mainland and the increasing economic integration of the two economies under the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (“CEPA”) mean that Hong Kong is an ideal neutral venue for the resolution of Mainland-related disputes.
  • Hong Kong's understanding and embrace of Asian traditions, values and culture and its experience in blending the best of the East and the West give it a distinct advantage in dealing with disputes between Mainland enterprises and international businesses.
Government Support
  • Our Government is committed to developing and promoting Hong Kong as a leading centre for dispute resolution in the Asia-Pacific region. The Department of Justice has made continuous efforts to improve our legal framework for speedy and effective resolution of disputes. These include the introduction of the new Arbitration Ordinance in June 2011 and the enactment of the Mediation Ordinance in June 2012.

Enforcement of civil and commercial judgments between Hong Kong and the Mainland
Enforcement of foreign judgments in civil and commercial matters in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Enforcement of civil judgments in matrimonial and family cases between Hong Kong and the Mainland

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