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Dialogues with young lawyers

Young people are the future masters of our society, their visions are important to us. The Hong Kong Law Society earlier arranged a group of young lawyers to meet with me in two evenings....

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Due consideration given to human rights in devising new regulation on face covering

The Chief Executive in Council decided to invoke the power under the Emergency Regulations Ordinance and make a new regulation of Prohibition on Face Covering Regulation to effectively reduce act of violence and facilitate police investigation and administration of justice. We hope that ....

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Cherish our rule of law

Since June, protests in Hong Kong have been non-stop and some of which sadly resulted in violence. Police have subsequently arrested a number of persons....

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Widen your horizons

I mentioned in my blog earlier that I encouraged a group of law students to visit more places to exchange with local legal sector to broaden their horizons....

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Active listening is key to resolving disputes

The controversies and disputes over the past few months have unfortunately led to escalating violence. Clashes between the Police and the public became more frequent. The Chief Executive announced that a platform for dialogue with people from all walks of life would be established with a view to finding a way out for Hong Kong....

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