Programme for Mediation Week

Members of the Steering Committee on Mediation and various stakeholders have put together the following activities during the Mediation Week between 20 – 27 March 2014. In addition to the various sector targeted mediation talks and workshops, members of the public can seek free mediation consultation services at the Joint Mediation Helpline Office.

Please click here to download the Programme for Mediation Week in PDF format.

Activities available throughout the Mediation Week
20 - 27 March 2014

Program Organiser(s)

Free Mediation Consultation Service at the Joint Mediation Helpline Office

The Joint Mediation Helpline Office (“JMHO”) is jointly founded by the Hong Kong Mediation Council, the Hong Kong Bar Association, the Law Society of Hong Kong, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (East Asia Branch), the Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators, the Hong Kong Institute of Architects, the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors and the Hong Kong Mediation Centre in 2010.

During the Mediation Week, mediators from the 8 professional bodies will be rostered to provide free mediation consultation services to members of the public. Prior booking is preferred to ensure timely consultation service. Please contact the JMHO for more information.
Joint Mediation Helpline Office

Mediation Talks for Primary and Secondary Schools
“Managing conflicts, planting the seeds of peace”

Hong Kong Family Welfare Society, with the support from Hong Kong Institute of Mediation and The Hong Kong Mediation Council’s General Interest Group will collaborate to organize mediation talks for primary and secondary schools on 20, 21, 23 – 27 March 2014. Invitations have been sent to various primary and secondary schools to arrange for a 30 minute – 1 hour talk to interested schools for their students to learn more about the benefits of mediation.
Hong Kong Family Welfare Society
Hong Kong Mediation Council
Hong Kong Institute of Mediation

Various Talks for introduction of Family Mediation Services

The Hong Kong Family Welfare Society, the Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council and the MongKok Kai-Fong Association Limited, Chan Hing Social Service Centre have organized various talks during the Mediation Week on topics including co-parenting, conflict-management and application of mediation skills on parental conflicts. Members of the public can also register for the free legal consultation services on the specific dates. Information on family mediation services will also be introduced by experienced and accredited mediators.

Hong Kong Family Welfare Society
The Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council

Date Program Organiser(s)

20 & 21 March

08:30 – 17:30

Mediation Conference 2014
“Mediate First for a Win-Win Solution”

The two-day Mediation Conference 2014 is jointly organized by the Department of Justice and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. A not to be missed opportunity to hear from renowned international experts and practitioners to share their views and experiences of the evolutionary reform of how mediation has become almost an inevitable step in resolving disputes even before the matter goes to court and how mediation can be an essential tool to reducing your legal costs.
Department of Justice
Hong Kong Trade Development Council

22 March (Saturday)

10:00 - 12:00

A. Mediation Workshops for Principals & Teachers

“Managing conflicts, planting the seeds of peace”

Participants will learn more about the application of mediation in managing work place conflicts and complaints handling.

Hong Kong Family Welfare Society
Hong Kong Mediation Council
Hong Kong Institute of Mediation

10:00 – 12:00

B. Mediation for Legal Profession

Introducing collaborative practice as a method of dispute resolution.

A Public Conversation on “What should I be able to expect from my lawyer? Hired Gun or Problem-Solver?”

Collaborative Professionals from the Hong Kong Collaborative Practice Group (HKCPG) will present a lively demonstration on how Collaborative Practice works in real life. This will be followed by a public conversation with a panel of Collaborative Professionals. Feedback from the conversation will be documented for later distribution.
International Institute for Conflict Engagement and Resolution
Hong Kong Collaborative Practice Group

23 March (Sunday)

09:00 – 13:00

Mediation for Civil Aid Service

Mr. Chan Bing Woon and Dr. David Dai will be delivering a talk to members of the Civil Aid Service to instil the mediation culture and discuss how mediation skills can be used not only to resolve workplace conflicts but also to enhance the public complaints process.
Civil Aid Service

24 March (Monday)

10:30 – 12:30

A. Mediation in the Insurance Sector

Experience sharing from representatives of 5 major insurance companies in using mediation to resolving personal injury cases. Mr. Simon Lee (DoJ), Mr. Chris Chong (LAD), Mr. Chan Bing Woon will be invited to join the roundtable discussion with Mr. Simon Tang (PC Woo & Co) as the moderator.
Hong Kong Federation of Insurers
12:30 – 14:00

B. Luncheon Talk at the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce

Secretary for Justice will give a welcome speech at the luncheon talk at the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce.
Hong Kong Federation of Women Lawyers
14:30 – 17:35

C. Seminar on Mediation in Construction Sector

This half day seminar focuses on dispute avoidance, the use of mediation in settling construction disputes, as well as sharing of experience and practical tips in construction mediation. Apart from construction mediation, it also provides updates on the latest progress of the proposed legislation for security of payment in Hong Kong.

Construction Industry Council
15:00 – 17:00

D. Mediation Talk at the Mediation Information Office

55 students taking the course "Law and Social Work" from the Chinese University of Hong Kong will visit the Mediation Information Office to attend a seminar on "The Roles and Functions of the Mediation Section of the Judiciary" to better understand the role and functions of the Mediation Section of the Judiciary, the advantages of mediation and how mediation can be used to resolve disputes.
Mediation Information Office
18:00 – 20:00

E. Mediation For Legal Professional

“The Hong Kong Mediation Ordinance - In a Nutshell”

The Mediation Ordinance provides a territory-wide legislative framework for all professional mediation conducted in Hong Kong. It has far-reaching application and consequences for all people who find themselves involved in mediation as parties or professionals. The workshop will examine the practical application of the Ordinance through illustrations and case law. Find out what the Mediation Ordinance means for you — whether you are a lawyer, mediator, party or anyone else involved in a mediation.

The Secretary for Justice, the Honourable Mr Rimsky Yuen, former Chair of the Mediation Ordinance Committee of the Mediation Taskforce, will open the workshop.The presenter, Professor Nadja Alexander is an international authority on the law of mediation. Her latest book, Hong Kong Annotated Statutes: Mediation Ordinance (Cap 620), CCH 2013, will be launched during the workshop.

International Institute for Conflict Engagement and Resolution
Joint Mediation Helpline Office
Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre

25 March (Tuesday)

09:00 – 12:30

A. Experience Sharing Session of Construction Mediators

Mediators from the construction sector are invited to share their valuable insights on the prospect and future of construction mediations.

Construction Industry Council
14:30 – 20:30

B. ICC Mediation Rules 2014 Launch Conference

The ICC Conference Mediation Rules Launch Conference will tell you more about the relevance of mediation to business in Greater China, how to initiate a mediation under the new ICC Mediation Rules and the various considerations to choosing the different ICC model clauses for mediation.
International Chamber of Commerce

26 March (Wednesday)

10:00 – 17:00

A. Open Day @ Financial Dispute Resolution Centre

There will be an open day at the FDRC to introduce the facilities and services to members of the public. There will be a guided tour for universities students, guests, mediation demonstrations, information seminars and free mediation consultation session. The FDRC will invite institutions such as Investor Education Centre and Consumer Council to participate in the Open Day by introducing their services.
Financial Dispute Resolution Centre
16:00 – 18:00

B. Mediation Forum – What are the Success Factors

The Department of Justice (DoJ) plays an active role in the promotion of mediation in Hong Kong. As legal advisers to various bureaus and departments of the HKSARG, DoJ Counsel plays an essential role in the mediation process. The experience sharing session, facilitated by Mr. Christopher To, Mr. T K Iu, Ms. Christine Lam, Mr. Simon Lee and Mr. Keith Wingrad, provides a platform for DoJ Counsel to exchange views on their experience and to improve the effectiveness of the mediation process.
Department of Justice
18:00 – 20:00

C. Mediation for Legal Professional

Mediation Advocacy

“How to represent your client in Mediation”

As lawyers become increasingly involved in mediation, a specialised form of legal practice is developing known as mediation advocacy.

The workshop examines the duties of lawyers in Hong Kong to advise clients in relation to mediation. It also demonstrates how lawyers can assist clients to prepare for mediation and the various roles that lawyers can play in the mediation process.

International Institute for Conflict Engagement and Resolution
19:30 – 21:45

D. Workshop on Resolving Building Management Disputes Through Mediation Services

Members of the Building Management Link (BM Link) and Resident Liaison Ambassadors (RLAs) will be invited to attend the talk on mediation services to resolve building management disputes. Speakers from DoJ and Hong Kong Mediation Centre will be invited to speak to the audience on the topic “Introduction of Mediation Services” and “Resolving Building Management Disputes Through Mediation Services”.
Home Affairs Department
Hong Kong Mediation Centre

27 March

09:30 – 11:30

A. Mediation Talk for Civil Servants

“Practitioner Forum - Challenges of Mediation in the Civil Service”

In this Practitioner Forum, seasoned speakers from both the Government (Mr. Simon Lee and Mr. Clement Lin and the private sector (Mr. Chan Bing Woon, Mrs.Cecilia Wong and Ms Jody Sin) will share their insights and experience on how mediation can successfully be applied in a wide range of cases to resolve disputes and the necessary skills to meet the challenges faced during mediation. The speakers will also share with the participants success stories from their experience.
Department of Justice
Civil Service Training and Development Institute, Civil Service Bureau
13:00 – 16:00

B. Mediation Seminar for Medical Practitioners

Dr. Tse Hung Hing, Dr. Robert Law, Dr. Donald Li, Prof. Lau Wan Yee and Dr. James Chiu are invited to share their views on the use of mediation in resolving medical disputes and invite discussion on the proposed medical mediation scheme. There will also be a panel discussion with representatives from medical indemnity law firm and Hospital Authority Legal Department.
Hong Kong Medical Association
14:30 – 17:30

C. Course on Building Management – Building Management Disputes and Mediation Services

District Councillors and their assistants are invited to attend this seminar to learn more about how the use of mediation can assist in resolving building management disputes.
Home Affairs Department
Hong Kong Mediation Centre