Organisation chart of Department of Justice

Main and East Wings, Justice Place,
18 Lower Albert Road, Central, Hong Kong
Enquiries: 2867 2198
Fax: 3918 4249

Organisation chart of Department of Justice

The Divisions

The lawyers (often referred to as Government Counsel) in the Department work in one of five legal divisions, namely Civil, Prosecutions, International Law, Law Drafting and Legal Policy. The legal divisions are provided with general support by the Administration and Development Division, which is headed by the Director of Administration and Development.

Each of the legal divisions is headed by a Law Officer who, as well as directing the work of their respective divisions, assists the Secretary for Justice in the overall management of the Department. The Law Officers are the Solicitor General, the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Law Officer (Civil Law), the Law Officer (International Law) and the Law Draftsman.

While each of the legal divisions has distinct areas of responsibility, many matters or cases handled by the Department require input from more than one division or specialist unit within a division. In such cases, lawyers from each of the relevant units or divisions will work closely together to ensure that the relevant government department or bureau is provided with comprehensive assistance.

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