List of records by category

Prosecutions Division


  • Administration
  • Personnel
  • Stores, Furniture, Equipment, Printing & Communications
  • Finance, Accounts & Statistics
  • Accommodation
  • Circulars

Appeal cases

Court of First Instance cases

District Court cases

Magistracy cases

Coroner's Court cases

Prosecution Policy


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Civil Division


  • Administration
  • Finance & Account
  • Personnel
  • Furniture and Equipment
  • Circulars & Records
  • Legal Related Matters

Civil Litigation Related Subjects

  • Case Files
  • Advisory Files
  • Administration Files

General Legal Advisory Related Subjects

  • Legal Advice
  • Legislative Proposals
  • Government Documents which Require Clearance

Commercial Advisory Related Subjects

  • Advice
  • Contracts

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Legal Policy Division

Legal Policy

  • Advice
  • New legislation
  • Speeches
  • Boards and Committees
  • Working Groups
  • Correspondence with Government departments and policy branches
  • Complaints and enquiries from the public
  • Petitions/Transfer of prisoners
  • References of cases to Court of Appeal
  • General administration

Human Rights

  • Advice
  • Review of legislation
  • UN reports on human rights

Constitutional and Electoral

  • Advice

China Law Unit

  • Advice
  • Database
  • Contacts and exchanges
  • Training
  • China Law Update

Law Reform Commission

  • Constitution and operation
  • Reports and Consultation papers
  • Membership of Commission and Sub committees

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Law Drafting Division

Legislative Drafting

  • Papers and records relating to drafting of English and Chinese texts of legislation
  • Circulars and Records

Bilingual Glossary of Legal Terms Project

  • The Bilingual Glossary of Legal Terms kept in the computer database in Hong Kong e-Legislation
  • The English-Chinese Glossary of Legal Terms kept on the computer
  • Correspondence, drafts and records

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International Law Division


  • General administration
  • Finance and Accounts
  • Circulars
  • Enquiries from and correspondence with the public

Treaty & Law Subjects

  • public international law
  • private international law
  • agreements entered into by or applicable to Hong Kong

MLA Subjects

  • Agreements and cases relating to Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters
  • Agreements and cases relating to Surrender of Fugitive Offenders
  • Cases relating to Drug Trafficking (Recovery of Proceeds) and court to court Letters of Request
  • Cases relating to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction
  • Agreements relating to Transfer of Sentenced Persons

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Administration and Development Division


  • Office accommodation
  • Publications and departmental circulars
  • Departmental transport
  • Records management
  • Office security
  • Conferences and meetings
  • Information technology and computerisation
  • Interpretation and translation
  • Green management
  • Official visits
  • Associations, boards and committees
  • Staff welfare and staff relations

Personnel and Establishment

  • Appointments and establishment matters
  • Leave and passage
  • Salaries and allowances
  • Conduct and discipline
  • Housing and other fringe benefits
  • Training and seminars
  • Human resource management

Finance, Accounting and Supplies

  • Financial and accounting circulars
  • Accounting procedures
  • Financial management and control
    • Ambit of sub-heads
    • Delegation of financial control
    • Budgetary control and management
    • Programme management structure
  • Fees and charges
  • Expenditure
    • Allowances
    • Hire of legal services and related professional fees
  • Resource allocation exercise
  • Procurements and supplies matters
  • Stationery and printing stores
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