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Let’s stay united and fight the disease together

After the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the Government has announced a series of prevention and control measures to reduce the risk of spread of the disease in the community .....

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Judicial independence(2020-01-05)

In recent times, criminal damage has been repeatedly inflicted on our court buildings through graffiti. Some went as far as making derogatory remarks against specific .....

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Lawbreaking violates the rule of law(2019-12-22)

The violence and vandalism in recent months sparked a crisis of confidence of our rule of law. The so-called “justice lawbreaking” or “civil disobedience” is never justified under the law. I urge all of you not to engage in any illegal activities.....

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專業、無私和獨立的檢控工作 (Chinese only)(2019-12-15)


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Dialogues with young lawyers(2019-10-28)

Young people are the future masters of our society, their visions are important to us. The Hong Kong Law Society earlier arranged a group of young lawyers to meet with me in two evenings....

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Due consideration given to human rights in devising new regulation on face covering(2019-10-13)

The Chief Executive in Council decided to invoke the power under the Emergency Regulations Ordinance and make a new regulation of Prohibition on Face Covering Regulation to effectively reduce act of violence and facilitate police investigation and administration of justice. We hope that ....

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Cherish our rule of law(2019-09-22)

Since June, protests in Hong Kong have been non-stop and some of which sadly resulted in violence. Police have subsequently arrested a number of persons....

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