An overview

The Department plays a key role in the legal system of Hong Kong and in maintaining the rule of law. Amongst our various functions, we handle criminal prosecutions; draft Government legislation; advise the Administration on a vast array of legal issues; and represent the Government in civil proceedings. We have over 350 lawyers and 800 supporting staff.

Our Work

The legal work of the Department is handled by five divisions: Prosecutions Division (PD), Civil Division (CD), Law Drafting Division (LDD), Legal Policy Division (LPD) and International Law Division (ILD). Administrative support is provided by the Administration and Development Division (ADD). There is also the Secretary for Justice's Office which provides legal and administrative support to the Secretary for Justice.

For those who are looking for a challenging and meaningful career in which you can serve the community and put your professional expertise to good use, the Department of Justice would be your ideal choice. If you are prepared to take up the challenges, do sign up and we look forward to welcoming you to our big family.

Find out more about the Department's work at About us > Organisation.

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