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  Administration’s paper for the Legislative Council Panel on Administration of Justice and Legal Services on
 "2018 Policy Initiatives of Department of Justice"
  Performance Pledges
  Key Figures and Statistics
  Boards and Committees
  The Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong
  Standing Committee on Legal Education and Training
  Steering Committee on Mediation
  Advisory Committee on Promotion of Arbitration
  Annual Open Data Plan
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Press Releases and Speeches
  Press Releases
  Speeches and Articles
  By the Secretary for Justice
  By Law Officers and other senior officers
  Photo Album
  Video Album
  Announcement in the Public Interest (APIs) and other videos prepared by DoJ
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Key Publications
  Key Publications
  Basic Law
  Prosecution and Criminal Law
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  Law Drafting
  LegCo / Policy Papers
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Notable Judicial Decisions
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  Criminal cases
  Civil cases
  Judicial review cases
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  Criminal cases
  Civil cases
  Judicial review cases
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Legal System in Hong Kong
Prosecution Related Policies
  Prosecution Code
  The Victims of Crime Charter
  The Statement on the Treatment of Victims and Witnesses
  The Policy for Prosecuting Cases involving Domestic Violence
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Laws of Hong Kong
 Link will open in new windowThe Basic Law
 Link will open in new windowHong Kong e-Legislation
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Dispute Resolution
  A Preamble
  Enforcement of civil and commercial judgments between Hong Kong and the Mainland
  Enforcement of foreign judgments in civil and commercial matters in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
  Enforcement of civil judgments in matrimonial and family cases between Hong Kong and the Mainland
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External Affairs
Mainland Related Issues
 Link will open in new windowMainland related projects and cooperative arrangements
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 Link will open in new windowMainland and Hong Kong on Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement
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 Link will open in new windowEnforcement of Civil and Commercial Judgments between Hong Kong and the Mainland
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Enduring Powers of Attorney
Access to Information
  Code on Access to Information
  Procedures and charges
  List of records by category
  List of Information available to the public free of charge or at a cost
  Disclosure Log
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Tender Notices
  Tender Notices
  Contract Award Notice
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  Other Legal Reference Links
  Action Plan to Tackle Trafficking in Persons and to Enhance Protection of Foreign Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong
  Basic Law Court Case Database
  Basic Law of the HKSAR
  Civil Justice Reform
  Community Legal Information Centre
  Hong Kong Government Gazette
  Hong Kong Legal Information Institute
  Judgments and Legal Reference
  Mobile Application on the Basic Law produced by the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau (iPhone version)
  The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (Bay Area)
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