Diversified activities to promote Rule of Law among youth

The Department of Justice (DoJ) is always committed to upholding the rule of law. Last year, we launched the “Vision 2030 for Rule of Law” initiative to promote the proper understanding of the rule of law in the community especially among the youth. In the coming new school year, the DoJ will continue to introduce diversified activities for primary and secondary students to advance their understanding and practice of the rule of law.

In February this year, the DoJ, through touring drama performances for all city-wide primary schools, conveys the basic concepts of the rule of law and cultivates law-abiding awareness in a lively and interesting way to students. As to secondary students, the DoJ supports the launch of the “Pilot Scheme on Rule of Law Education for Secondary School Students” by the Hong Kong Policy Research Institute (HKPRI) in the 2020/21 academic year. Lawyers were invited to serve as facilitators while law students and graduates as ambassadors. Secondary students are able to grasp the proper core concepts of the rule of law after taking part in seminars, interactive games and group discussions.

The DoJ also assists the preparation of teaching materials on the rule of law. For instance, the Basic Law Foundation’s “e-Resources for Rule of Law and the Basic Law”, which was supported by the DoJ, provides a series of teaching materials on the Constitution, the Basic Law and the rule of law for teachers of secondary schools. At the same time, the DoJ is in support of the training course “Respecting the Law, Reinforcing the Rule of Law” co-organised by the Endeavour Education Centre and the Education Bureau for teachers from both primary and secondary schools. The course covers topics including the Constitution, the Basic Law, national security, Hong Kong’s legal system and the rule of law, etc., with a view to fostering the promotion of the rule of law education.

In the new school year, the DoJ will not only continue the above programmes, but also stand ready to introduce the “Rule of Law Enlightenment” Programme to further promote the rule of law in a more interesting way with enriched contents. To name a few:

To highlight the importance of abiding by the law and the application of law in our daily life, the DoJ will organise a law quiz competition for primary students. A video competition will be held in which secondary students are encouraged to share their thoughts on the rule of law.

If you are interested in any of our programmes, please don’t hesitate to read the latest booklet on “Vision 2030 for Rule of Law”.

The rule of law is the cornerstone of Hong Kong’s success. Everyone in society shoulders the responsibility to promote the proper concept of the rule of law. I would like to thank the HKPRI, the Basic Law Foundation and the Endeavour Education Centre for joining hands with the DoJ in supporting the rule of law education. The DoJ will actively strengthen the rule of law education so as to further enhance the proper understanding and practice of the rule of law amongst youth.

September 4, 2021