DoJ’s major initiatives in 2021 Policy Address

The Chief Executive just announced her latest Policy Address today. In order to provide a handy reference, I categorise the major initiatives related to the Department of Justice (DoJ) into the following four aspects:

(1) To complement national development: Develop Hong Kong as the centre for international legal and dispute resolution services in the Asia-Pacific region
(Legal professionals’ views: Mr Justin D'Agostino, Mr Martin Rogers, Mr Edward Liu, Mr Nicholas Chan) (2) To promote proper understanding of rule of law: Continue to roll out Vision 2030 for Rule of Law programmes
(Legal professionals’ views: Dr Thomas So, Mr CM Chan) (3) To enhance sense of belonging to our country: Strengthen education on Constitution, Basic Law, National Security
(Legal professionals’ views: Ms Maria Tam, Dr Simon Hoey Lee)
(4) To build on our strengths: Attract legal talents
(Legal professional’s views: Ms Melissa Pang)

My colleagues and I will attend the meeting of Legislative Council’s Panel on Administration of Justice and Legal Services on October 11 to further explain the new initiatives and other important measures of the DoJ.

October 6, 2021