This website also provides a list and the full text of the major bilateral international agreements of the Hong Kong SAR which have come into force. They include: Air Services Agreements(ASAs), Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements/Investment Agreements(IPPAs), Mutual Legal Assistance Agreements(MLAs), Surrender of Fugitive Offenders Agreements(SFOs), Transfer of Sentenced Persons Agreements(TSPs), Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements(DTAs), Exchange of Information Relating to Taxes Agreements(TIEAs), Free Trade Agreements(FTAs), Enviroment Cooperation Agreements(ECAs), Memorandum of Understandings on Labour Cooperation(MOUs on Labour Cooperation) and Agreements on Agriculture.

A notional distinction may be drawn between -

  1. ASAs, IPPAs, TSPs, FTAs, ECAs, MOUs on Labour Cooperation and Agreements on Agriculture; and
  2. MLAs, SFOs, DTAs and TIEAs.

In the case of the agreements under (b), they are required to be scheduled to Orders made by the Chief Executive in Council, in accordance with the relevant Ordinances, and will therefore appear in the Hong Kong e-Legislation (HKeL) as legislation. In the case of the agreements under (a), there is no legislative implementation generally save in some areas (e.g. under the FTAs, ASAs etc), and some of them will be gazetted when they are brought into force by the governments of the contracting parties.

Apart from the above agreements, visa abolition arrangements and agreements have been concluded with over 100 countries and territories, 10 of which were concluded by the Hong Kong SAR. The Hong Kong SAR has also concluded an Agreement on Co-operation and Mutual Administrative Assistance in Customs Matters with the European Community and an Agreement on Co-operation in Information Technology and Communications with Israel . [As amended by Exchange of Notes (Note from the State of Israel ) (Reply Note to the State of Israel )]

Consular Agreements

The Central People's Government conclude agreements with a number of foreign governments, namely Australia, Cambodia, Canada, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Philippines, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, United States of Amercia and Vietnam concerning the functions, privileges and immunities of the latter's consular missions in the Hong Kong SAR. These agreements have been gazetted and are also provided on this website for information. Please also see below for information on consular posts established in Hong Kong -
Consular Posts and Officially Recognised Representatives in Hong Kong