This section comprises the summaries of notable judgments in the past 12 months. Summaries are prepared for selected cases which involve important or significant legal principles or issues, issues of public interest, issues that attract strong media or public interest, and/or for educational purpose. The section aims to assist the public to understand the notable judgments and hence is not intended to be exhaustive. Please visit the Judiciary website for reference to other cases not covered in this section.

(The summaries of notable judgments contained in this section are prepared by the Department of Justice (DoJ) based on DoJ's own interpretation and understanding of the judgments of the courts concerned. The summaries are not legal advice and should not be relied upon by anyone as such. The summaries have no legal effect and are not intended to be cited as authorities of any kind. To fully understand the legal effect of the courts' judgments, the whole judgments of the courts concerned should be looked at.)

"Significant Judicial Decisions involving the Government Criminal Cases. This table consists of 5 columns. The first column is 'Number', the second column is 'Case Name', the third column is 'Court / Contract Ref.', the forth column is 'Date of Latest Judgment / Reasons for Verdict'
No. Date Court Case Name / Number Subject Matter
  20 Jan 2023 Court of Appeal HKSAR v. NGUYEN THANG LOI AND DANG HUNG NGOC

CACC 145 and 217/2019
Revised sentencing tariff for unlawful trafficking in cannabis and new sentencing tariff for cultivation of cannabis plants Download