Date of Issue: Dec 2003

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Judgment Update
  • Kaisilk Development Limited v Urban Renewal Authority (CA, April 2003)
  • Yook Tong Electric Company Limited v Commissioner for Transport (CFI, February 2003)
  • Director of Lands v Yin Shuen Enterprises Limited & Nam Chun Investment Company Limited (CFA, January 2003)
  • Kowloon Poultry Laan Merchants Association v Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation (CA, July 2002)
  • Prem Singh v Director of Immigration (CFA, February 2003)
The Focus: The Judicial System of the HKSAR - Continuity and Change 565K
LegCo President’s Decision on Member’s Bill
  • Dao Heng Bank Limited (Merger) Bill
  • The Bank of East Asia, Limited (Merger of Subsidiaries) Bill
Sidelights and Abbreviations
  • Senior Judicial Appointments
  • Doctrine of Precedent
  • Courts in the HKSAR
  • Report on the Readers Survey