"Mediate First" Pledge

In 2009, the Department of Justice ("DoJ") launched a campaign called “Mediate First” Pledge to promote the use of mediation to resolve disputes in Hong Kong ("Campaign"). The purpose of the Campaign is to encourage companies and organisations to make a pledge, namely the “Mediate First” Pledge (the "Pledge"). The Pledge is a statement of commitment to use mediation which is a flexible and constructive approach in resolving disputes. It allows parties to a dispute, with the assistance of an impartial mediator, to resolve conflicts in amicable and constructive ways that produce mutually acceptable settlement while keeping the risks, costs and time in control.

By making the Pledge, the Pledgee acknowledges its readiness to explore the use of mediation as a means of dispute resolution before resorting to other dispute resolution processes including court litigation. It is a confirmation and manifestation by the Pledgees of their commitment to use mediation.

So far, more than 850 companies, organisations/associations and individuals have made the Pledge.

MFP Logo

In the Campaign, the DoJ will distribute to Pledgees a “Mediate First” Pledge logo (“MFP Logo”) for display at their shops, outlets and/or workplace. A Pledgee may also adopt the MFP Logo (without any modifications) and display it on its letterhead and other publications. The MFP Logo serves to identify a Pledgee’s status as a subscriber to the Pledge. It also represents a commitment of the Pledgee to prefer mediation to other means to resolve disputes and the Pledgee’s recognition of the benefits of using mediation in resolving disputes. ”Mediate First” Pledge Logo

”Mediate First” Pledge Logo