Consultancy Study on the Demand for and Supply of Legal and Related Services

Appendices PDF Size
Appendix A - Questionnaire for Barrister Chambers 49KB
Appendix B - Questionnaire for Barristers 101KB
Appendix C - Questionnaire for Solicitor Firms 85KB
Appendix C-1 - Questionnaire for Solicitor Firms (Branch) 45KB
Appendix D - Questionnaire for Solicitors 79KB
Appendix E - Questionnaire for Councillors 46KB
Appendix F - Questionnaire for Non-governmental Organisations 75KB
Appendix G - Legal and Related Services provided by Non-governmental Organisations 21KB
Appendix H - Company Questionnaire 26KB
Appendix I - Screening Questionnaire 48KB
Appendix J - Incident Identification Questionnaire - Part I 14KB
Appendix K - Incident Identification Questionnaire - Part II 15KB
Appendix L - Incident Handling Report Questionnaire 154KB
Appendix M - Opinion Questionnaire 29KB
Appendix N - Household Questionnaire 32KB
Appendix O - Screening Questionnaire 137KB
Appendix P - Incident Handling Report Questionnaire 253KB
Appendix Q - Personal Opinion Questionnaire 29KB
Appendix R - Profile of Unrepresented Litigants 67KB
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